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Decorating this newly developed home in Frederick, Maryland, was beyond exciting. Jackie and OJ moved to Maryland from Chicago a few years ago and had been living in their townhome before deciding to purchase their dream home. When we spoke with Jackie and OJ to discuss their vision, Jackie expressed wanting a home that was contemporary, simple and earthy. Whereas, OJ wanted the pieces in the space to be unique and to lean more towards a glam design concept. Despite the differences in their design style preferences, they both agreed that they wanted metals like gold and brass incorporated throughout their home. The next few pages will explore our design process and reveal the final product of The House of Brass.

It was OJ’s idea to add hints of blue to the foyer sitting area. So that the sitting area and adjacent formal dining area felt cohesive, we played around with soft blue hues to create consistency between the two spaces.

“Finding a happy medium was important for us.”

We found that the perfect compromise was to cater to Jackie’s style through furniture selections, color palette and wall design. We installed traditional wainscoting and selected a sleek simple designed dining table. To accommodate OJ’s style, we went for a regal chandelier, incorporated brass fixtures and selected luxurious dining chairs.

We renamed the GREAT room “Thee GRAND room” because of the upscale accents and furniture pieces that were incorporated in the space. OJ and Jackie wanted sofas that were unique and had some sort of curvature. To complement the sofas, we decided to select accents and textiles that were light in color and minimal in design and pattern. Our ultimate goal was to draw attention to the stone fireplace. As a result, we installed traditional-styled wainscoting on both sides of the structure to create a focal point. This home would not be have been given the name “The House of Brass” if it weren’t for the accents of brass seen throughout. In the living room, brass accents can be found in the centerpieces, planters, decorative bowls, candle holders and the framing of the various wall art.

Like many gorgeous kitchens, the backsplash was the focal point for this space. Strategically selecting furniture, fixtures and decorative accents to complement the mosaic tiles, helped to perfectly pull in all of the different neutral and metallic hues and colors. Consistency in every home we design, is key. Even though different sections of the home had its own look and concept, we wanted dramatic elements to repeat itself. For instance, this gorgeous multiple-cubic shaped chandelier was intentionally installed in the formal dining area and in the morning room to create some uniformity.

Consistency in every home we design, is key.


Interior design is like storytelling. Every color is selected intentionally to reflect the mood we want our clients to exude. Every piece of furniture must work together like the different parts of a story’s plot. The decorative accents create meaning.

The decision to wainscot every wall was made in order to give the primary bedroom more depth. We considered wallpaper and possibly installing a tray ceiling, but we felt it would overwhelm the space. To enhance the framed walls, we painted the room with one of our favorite shades of gray paint, Sherwin Williams Light French Gray. This color really helped to create a warm yet airy feel. We selected neutral-toned furniture and linen, and brass accents to match the theme of the other rooms in the home. Like great authors, we create meaningful and compelling stories through interior design.

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